Cherry’s Jewellery was founded in Dublin in 1995 and last year we celebrated our 21st birthday. Over the past 22 years we have developed our brand to the point where it a household name for ladies seeking fashionable costume jewellery, for everyday wear or that big occasion.

We have established a reputation for classical designs, and matured as a business. We are always up-to-date with the latest fashions, and only use the best materials, sourced from reputable companies.

Our hand making process

Cherry’s Crystal

Feb. 16, 2017

Cherry's Crystal

All the crystals that are sold are real crystals. These crystals come from under the ground, in caves, where there is a rich source of groundwater. This is where quartz crystal when the mineral is pure.

Cherry's Crystal's are broadly divided into three categories.
1. Crystalline Varieties, such as white Crystal, amethyst,quartz Crystal, hung shuijing, tigers eye and such.
2.Crypto crystalline varieties. This kind of Crystal is very smooth.
3. Special Varieties. Skeleton crystal, Phantom Crystal.

Cherry's Crystal identification.
1.Touch. Natural crystals are cooler than man made one's .
2. Observation, Natural Crystal inclusions in cotton wool, not artificial Crystal.
3. Natural debris, there are no artificial synthesis.
4. Colour grade points, General crystals are larger and more transparent. The colour is more typical shape for a top grade crystals.

Cherry’s Crystal

Glass luster. The fracture surface is oil sheen.

Cherry’s Crystal

Colorless, amethyst, Huang Shuijing, blue crystal, Green Amethyst, smoky quartz, quartz, crystal.

Cherry's Sterling Silver

Jan. 1, 2017

Cherry's was founded in 1995 in Dublin and after 20 years the company has developed and established a good brand of silverware.
Cherry's sterling silver items are divided into necklaces, earrings,bracelets, brooches and rings.

Cherry's sterling silver identification. See Mark : General "S" or Sterling mark on piece. The standard silver mark is S925, zuyin S990.

However there are many countries that do not print these marks on silver jewellery. Observing colour : Silver yellow, a soft metallic luster, easy oxidation.
Weight : The density of silver is 10.53g cubic centimeter.
Maintenance: Always keep silver jewellery clean and dry.

Cherry's Sterling Silver

I'm a kind of metal silver jewelry, smooth texture, rich luster.

"Company motto"

If you don't want to surpassed by others, be sure to go beyond yourself. 


Creating high quality products and services for customers, with all our hearts.

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